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PhD and Master Students

This is not a complete list of current and former PhD and Master Students inspiring the next quantum material.

Jelle Ruiters

In 2022, Jelle Ruiters finished his MSc thesis at the inorganic materials science group at the University of Twente. Since October 2022, he works in my group to unearth the next quantum material.

Yoshiko Nanao

Yoshiko Nanao worked for over two years in my group for her PhD thesis at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. Currently, she is a research fellow at the University of Saint Andrews.

Tommy Boykin

During his PhD time, Tommy Boykin joined my group from the University of Central Florida. Now, he works as an associate research scientist at NIST.

Masafumi Horio

He specializes in photoemission and x-ray scattering study of strongly correlated electron systems. Masafumi Horio joint my group during his PhD thesis to characterize cuprate superconductors synthesized by molecular beam epitaxy. Now, he works as an assistant professor at the University of Tokyo.

Bennett Eleazer

On a path to become a polymer textile fiber engineer at the University of South Carolina, Bennett Eleazer joined my group in 2012 for the synthesis of unconventional superconductors. He finished his PhD at the University of South Carolina and continued as a PostDoc at the University of Illinois.

PhD and Master Students: CV
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